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Healing Through Hair- was born through the extraordinary vision of Celebrity Stylist, Educator & Technique Innovator Janel Sealy Smith of Cocoa Mane Salon in Brooklyn, NY.  The vision for this organization/event is to bring awareness to the cry of the women in the correctional facilities in Trinidad & Tobago who want to be educated and have opportunities available to them when they are released from prison. There are thousands of women who are released from prison every year.


According to statistics, almost half of them are back behind bars within three years because they have no skills/training or opportunity. It is almost impossible for a person just being released from prison to start their lives over without having any assistance, guidance, education or technical skills. There are very few active programs being funded to support ex-convicts and many have been cut because of government funding to other organizations. Most ex-convicts become frustrated from being rejected after countless job interviews.

This sometimes pushes them back into participating in illegal jobs and acts.  

“Healing Through Hair”the goal is to, “not only bring awareness”to this problem, but to help with the resources needed for the Cosmetology Program/Cosmetology Learning Center that has already been set up for the inmates.” I frequently travel to Trinidad offering assistance and educational skills to the current program, and now this fundraising contribution will help to provide the inmates with the products and tools needed to get them started on a career path of becoming stylists upon release from prison.

The goal is to provide each Cosmetology Student in prison with a complete set of everything needed so that once they are released, they can begin their Styling Career. Learning cosmetology skills will not only help them make money, but allow them to better their own appearance, helping to build their self confidence and in turn make them more productive members of society.


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