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Dear Cosmetologist,

Are you tired of working and not getting anywhere? Are you beginning to wonder whether you

made the right career choice? Are you ready to go to the next level? Team Mane is the answer to

all your prayers. As long as you follow our Step-by-Step program, you will notice the changes and

improvements in your business, income, confidence and hair styling abilities!!

A cosmetologist is defined as an individual who creates beauty, structures beauty, and becomes

one with beauty. Being licensed for approximately two decades, I have grown and experienced the

dos and don’ts of this craft. "With time comes wisdom" and that can honestly attest to the mistakes

made in the beginning of career. Upon graduating from cosmetology school, I felt like a fish out

of water. I knew the correct standards and procedures for styling hair but I had not become one

with hair styling. My license told me yes, but my professionalism told me no. Always remember

that, "an expert in anything was once a beginner." Now that I have grown into my craft, I can

humbly say that I am a Celebrity Hair Stylist, salon owner and a creator of "JASS" hair product


Due to a large number of requests geared towards mentorship, I decided to create an organization

that will help bridge the gap between students, cosmetologists and their goals. “Team Mane” is the

place to be! Everyone seeking the craft to those owning the craft will be able to join together as

one in excelling in the craft. From styling hair to owning your own salon, we will be able to come

together in the hair and beauty industry for a common goal, which is to become successful. It does

not matter if you are a salon owner or a student the both will have equal amount of development

socially, academically, publicly and spiritually.

You will have an opportunity to learn about new products and new hair extensions before it even

hits the market. (Sneak Peek) As a “Mane” you will have access to a weekly conference calls for

your development. You will also have an opportunity to work along side celebrity hair stylists and

even on set with celebrities. This organization will teach you how to become a celebrity stylist,

how to become a platform stylist, how to work on photo shoots, how to build a resume, and a

portfolio while maintaining professionalism. We will teach you how to open up your own salon

and how to work in a salon. In addition Team Mane members will receive tutoring to help perfect

your skills in styling, cutting, weaving, coloring and more. Team Mane will keep you current in the

industry and your salon name will be highlighted on the Team Mane website.

Being a “Mane” you will have a responsibility to your self, the industry and your community.

Projects will be due for each level you move up to. Jobs will be available, advertisement; publicity

and so much more are the benefits of Team Mane. Team Mane will give you updated information

on the Cosmetology industry. .

Let’s Go!Today is the day to sign up for this Life Changing Step. For more information, call

877-876-MANE (6263) Email (Janel A. Sealy -Smith) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Yours Truly

Janel A. Sealy-Smith